to the Menorcan company dedicated to the bicycle entertainment world.  Enjoy our diversity of cycling routes  both for individuals or groups.

Menorca Cycling Tours



Feel the anedraline flow though your veins during the fast technical descents and dirt and rock tracks that run along the beautiful Menorcan coast line.  On this routes you will be guided by clycling experts that will assis, support and help you to make the most of this experience. Guidance and valuable advice are our motto. The cost of this tours on mountain bike include the rent of a bicycle out of 3 different categories to shoose from depending your size.



Amongst trees, rocks an beautiful scenery we pedal though the coastal and interior of Menorca. Sunshine and warm temperatures accompany us though the secret trails. Good physical condition is of essence and the reward is an unforgettable trip.



And to finish the route a well deserved snack and and a bit of get-together to share experiences on the shade of a charming terrace. 

Menorca Cycling Tours


Rocky trails throughout the coast line and fresh pine woods inland, all bathed by the warm island temperature riding though trails and country lanes will make this experience one of the best ciclying holidays of your life.

Menorca Cycling Tours


An island in the Mediterranean Sea boasts with over 300 days a year of sunshine. The climate it's a perfect combination of the fresh sea breeze and the Mediterranean warmth. Whith its coast tracks and interior  hilly lanes Menorca is a true paradise for mountain bike lovers. Indicated both for advanced riders and amateurs alike.