Terms and conditions

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General conditions

  1. The tours are guided, therefore not recommends passing the guide at any time, otherwise, the lessee assumes all risks and is exempt from liability insurance included in each way, assuming all charges of negligence. The number of Participants will not be greater than 8, for groups see in our office.

  2. At the time of the confirmation of the reservation, will require 30% of the total amount of the contracted pack.

  3. The deposit for each trip will be of 50 € (Preferably cash) per person, being returned this at the end of it.

  4. In case of bad weather, you can change the date departure, but the company is not required to pay the percentage of reservation, except in cases of force majeure.

  5. Because of the slope and technique routes, it is prohibited to persons under 16 years.

  6. It is absolutely forbidden: a) Put the bike in contact with salt water. In this case, the landlord it will bail. b) Rent bikes without consent the lessor to third parties remunerable or free. c) Conduct risky or negligent driving, just Thus, driving under the influence of substances / diseases, whose effects may influence physical or mental condition or decrease its responsiveness. d) Leave the Island Menorca with rented bike without written consent the lessor.

  7. It is mandatory helmet use at each exit, in If not by the tenant, the landlord can terminate the contract.

  8. It has liability insurance that includes damages that may suffer or cause users because mechanical failure of bicycles.

  9. All damages and inconveniences caused by the bicycle or the same, are not included and covered by the insurance fee, which shall be borne by the lessee.

  10. Damage to the bicycle should contact the lessor immediately and will be repaired by the same the proper term.

  11. Damage fall, by misuse or vandalism They will be paid to the landlord immediately.

  12. Other conditions:
    1. The tenant is responsible for damage, loss or theft of the bike.

    2. Bicycling or participation in excursions will be made by own risk. The organizer assumes no responsibility.

    3. The lessee collects rented bicycle including accessories in immaculate condition, and undertakes to deliver after the conclusion of the tour in the same state.

    4. If not to run from the day specified, the landlord has no obligation to return the bond or the percentage already paid, except in cases of force.